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Digital transportation platform for companies to discover the best match for their loads or trucks. Our algorithm considers the company’s historical records through artificial intelligence techniques. Lowering costs for shippers, raising profit for carriers, and rescuing our environment.

Our values represent who we are as a company and how we show up every day

Cargo Flags' team of experts, managers, and partners is what makes us the right digital freight forwarder for you! Through our reliable service and accuracy of our team of managers, experts, and partners we provide the optimal solution to shippers and carriers. We move thousands of shipments through reliability, service, and accuracy. Values that Cargo Flags as a digital freight forwarder can provide. Cargo Flags is your solid partner for transporting cargo by road. Values such as innovation, reliability, and efficiency are what differentiates us from others. Through our reliable service and accuracy of our team of managers, experts and partners Cargo Flags provide the optimal solution to shippers and carriers. But the best value is your personal touch.


The matching algorithm makes possible through machine learning and indicative approaches to find the best carrier for every cargo.


After that, the Pricing Engine calculates the costs by taking into consideration the routes, weight, size, and type of cargo. After adding the profit margin, it shows the final price to the user.


Finally, is the blockchain environment, built to secure a paperless process for both sides, while simplifying every step of what a bureaucratic procedure is usually.

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Making the life of shippers and carriers easier by matching them through an innovative digital solution.

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Take command of your shipments easily by using our network of certified carriers with the reduced costs, produced by our engine. By finding the best match for your loads and following all the means of the arrangement, Cargo Flags will handle your loads.

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Get access to optimized freight offers from thousands of shippers of different industries. Obtain the loads that fit your vehicle, raise your earnings, and get paid fast. No more administrative work. Partner with Cargo Flags to grow your business to new heights.

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