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Cargo Flags welcomes you to a new reliable partnership that will provide you lower costs, on-time delivery, and boost your supply chain efficiency. All this is produced by our digital solution supplied by a connection of thousands of shippers and carriers from all around Europe. Three simple steps to follow: Pick, Click, and ship.

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Generation 4.0 of transportation

Let us deal with your transport and provide quality, transparency, and administration to other levels. Get your carrier base onboarded within only a few days. We start with execution first and run optimization en route.

Thousands of carriers all around Europe

Pick your transporter among our thousands of certified carriers in the EU, any time, every capacity.

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Our dynamic price engine, the way how we coordinate your loads and the number of trucks on our platform will solve your costs improving's.

A helpful strategy of shipments management

Our platform deals with everything meanwhile, you can follow your shipments and manage the documents online.

Cargo Flags gives you self-serve access to one of the nation's largest, most reliable full truckload networks. Managing your contract freight, booking spot loads, and tracking shipments 24/7 has never been this easy. We help you lower your shipping costs, get your freight delivered on-time, and improve your supply chain efficiency. Cargo Flags delivers the reliability of the quality of resource-based transporters, the adaptability of brokers, and one of a kind advantages that solitary a digitized freight network can provide. We work with shippers of all sizes to improve the quality and trustworthiness of your shipments, give better supply chain transparency, and accomplish your sustainability objectives. Risk is an inborn piece of shipping. Cargo Flags intends to assist you with reducing risk through our exclusive requirements, and we additionally present genuine potential gains profiting peace of and bottom line.