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Transporting logistics to the digital world while sharing solid values!

Cargo Flags is a logistics platform designed to offer digital freight forwarding services through bringing together vehicle space and transportation needs while ensuring full efficiency in the process. Through an innovative approach towards electronic access, we aim to satisfy our customers providing them instant access to a higher quality service that matches their needs. We are designed to facilitate the transport process, aiming to ensure full capacity usage for all transport vehicles in each given route, while also eliminating the need for numerous phone calls and financial offers from potential client companies to transport providers.

Our purpose is to design a user-friendly platform to bring together all subjects offering or in need of transport services in a unique electronic space to reduce their operational costs financially or time-related. We provide an intelligent algorithm for companies to find their best match for their trucks or their loads. Our algorithm considers the company's historical records through artificial intelligence techniques to ensure productivity and good decision making.

The digital freight platform which will take you to the next generation of transport!

Several thousand transports each week.

More than 2,500 satisfied customers.

Qualified and dedicated staff.

Digitized transport process.

Financial Transparency.

High market demand that drives the financial prediction behind Cargo Flags

The high market demand as stated in the statistics above is one of the reasons why Cargo Flags is established in the first place. The transport industry continues to grow every year, with the current actors not being able to fulfill all the orders. At Cargo Flags, we make sure to work on long term objectives that will secure us a spot as the top market provider in the upcoming years.

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Driton Musolli

Chief Executive Officer

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Patrick Lo

Business Advisor

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Alfred Perleka

Chief Financial Officer