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You only need to focus on choosing the Freight offer and haul the loads to the destination and everything else is ours to carry. We have to keep your trucks full and raise your earnings. CargoFlags creates opportunities for carriers from thousands of shippers of all industries throughout Europe. Join our network and see how we serve carriers.

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Our team has combined cutting edge technology, worldwide experts and a client-oriented mindset of problem-solving to provide you the experience that you were looking for.

Shippers from the entire Europe

Acces best available loads from countless industrial international Shippers on our platform. By using our digital freight forwarding solution you gain time to focus on what matters the most to you and grow your business.

Guaranteed, fast payment

Get paid faster, make more money and never have issues with payments. Every loading payment is comitted to 48 hours. No fees, no commitment.

No more wasted time on phone

Find the right loads and shippers for you on Cargo Flags and haul. No more phone calls, no more paperwork and no more exhausting procedures.